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I hear you have been traveling a lot to find me. I am knowledgeable of your inner fights and turmoil. I am sure you will be able to soothe some of your woulds and steal your thirst for knowledge. Come, click your way in!


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Me and Empathy

Who I am?

I am Rebellah D’Arcy, of course my stage name and not my real one, born in an age of changes and political unrest, on this instance called Earth. I grew up in a big city with a lot of masks. Masks for protection, masks for deceptions, masks for hiding, a lot of them, for each moment of the day. I learned to use masks myself and hide from the world. I used to have all possible masks, not only for every day but for every person I met. Some were protection masks, some were angry masks, some were just masks to hide my tears.
One day all my masks ceased working, none was fitting anymore, what I was trying to hide was now lurking just beneath the surface, it was starting to scratch it, and soon enough it came out. It scared the hell out of me, and it forced me to look at myself from the outside, see myself, learn to know myself.
“The first thing you have to know is yourself. A man who knows himself can step outside himself and watch his own reactions like an observer.”
― Adam Smith, The Money Game

And there are steps one needs to take, to adjust the compass anew, to shatter old beliefs system one was raised with. One needs to re-learn trust, trust in others is the hardest once you acknowledge how deep your soul is, yet you haven’t even began to understand the deepness.
And then you start learning, and it never ends, the more you learn the less you know, and you realize that an instance is not enough.
But then there is a time of practicing.
Your soul knows exactly what it needs and in what quantity and it also gathers the ingredients necessary to explore the practical side.
And you realize years have passed and it all seems chaotic, and wasted and you lost your way. But it only seems because in the moment you start falling you connect the dots and you make sense of it all. The puzzle finally falls together. And everything matches.

“Darkness cannot drive out darkness: only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate: only love can do that.”
― Martin Luther King Jr.

Masks are the tools an unknowing empath will use. Tools to protect himself from others for an empath feels your mood from miles away, and they mirror it onto themselves and they have no knowledge of it not being their own, and they get consumed from it.
We can feel your joy and we can feel your pain, as if it was ours.

The unknowing empath will usually shy away from the society and be a loner, an outcast.
In extreme cases the empath would probably be marked by society as “antisocial” “undesirable”, and would be left aside although not alone, they will get picked at, brutalized, bullied, laughed at, and a lot of the times driven to suicide, self injury, complete and total isolation.
Best case scenario they grab a book and learn, and one way or the other they get the information that saves them and shows them who they really are, what a wonderful gift they posses. Only then the real journey starts.

I am here to share my experiences and my journey with you, traveler, for once I was in the same shoes you are right now.

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